Electronic Relief in Switzerland

«Make Some Room: Electronic Relief in Switzerland» è una risposta al Covid-19. Per questa compilation, 131 act - oltre 150 artiste e artisti - hanno messo a disposizione la loro musica. Il 100% del ricavato sarà devoluto alle artiste e agli artisti.


Vereinskonto ClubCultureCH


Konto-Nr: 15-422112-8

IBAN: CH16 0900 0000 1542 2112 8



The compilation "Make Some Room: Electronic Relief 
in Switzerland" came together in only three weeks, as the COVID-19 virus is laying waste all around the world. The Corona crisis has impacted cultural workers, among them eletronic artists whose livelihood depends on performing as DJs or live acts.

The compilation "Make Some Room: Electronic Relief in Switzerland" was conceived in a spirit of solidarity: 131 acts* - more than 150 artists - have completed or provided music within a very short time frame. The compilation is a cross-section of alternative Swiss music creation and offers dazzling insights into contemporary electronic music made in the heart of Europe.

From Geneva to St. Gallen, from Basel to Chiasso, across stylistic drawers and generations: represented on the compilation are the Swiss electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri, techno pioneers such as Thomas Fehlmann, Marco Repetto (formerly of Grauzone) or Yello (with a remix by their old friend Ian Tregoning) to leftfield luminaries like Aïsha Devi, Martina Lussi or Mehmet Aslan to internationally renowned DJs like Sonja Moonear, Deetron, Ripperton and Lexx as well as promising new voices like AM Khamsaa, Belia Winnewisser, Luca Durán, Magda Drosz or NVST.

"Make Some Room: Electronic Relief in Switzerland" is a joint action by various players from Swiss club culture and the electronic music scene. The initiative was launched by the association ClubCultureCH in coordination with the Basel-based curation agency Planisphere and the record label Décalé. Also represented in the team are: 45rpm (Zürich). Kik Bar (Fribourg), Statement (Lausanne) and Martin Cramatte (Zürich).